Welcome to the website of Dennis Picknett BSc Hons (Ost)




 "Where there is movement there is life.


Where there is stasis there is morbidity".


A.T. Still (Founder of osteopathy).


l   Our bodies were designed to run, jump, climb trees and sleep on the ground. Little wonder that our modern lifestyle is often accompanied by pain and discomfort in joints and muscles.



l   Osteopathy is a well established form of physical therapy which addresses many musculoskeletal conditions as well as enhancing overall health and vitality.



l  My work involves techniques such as body oscillation, deep soft tissue massage,  and 'trigger point release', combined with long muscle stretches and joint manipulation to appeal to the body's innate sense of what is 'right'. This returns vigor to the tissues and assists in posture and relaxation.






l   Dennis Picknett graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1999 and worked as a clinic tutor there from 2000-2007

He has private practices in North London (Primrose Hill) and Kent (Tenterden).


l   To make an appointment phone 07957 425 063

or email: dennispicknett@googlemail.com